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Monday, November 07, 2005


Miss Africa International 2005 Cynthia
[The only girl in Africa to go to every major pageant on the Planet and still manage to win NOTHING!]

"Miss Africa International" the much loved hyped only “Brain child” and much prized golden goose of Ellen Dumber died tragically on the 29th of October 2005. it was reveled that the tragic event had been placed on life support since the 29th when it suffered a total brain failure and all attempt to resuscitate her were futile.

Miss Africa International pageant had been around for 3 short years, but recently started to show signs of weakening due to excessive and illogical hype, and several trips to the school of hard knocks to get a reality check and dose of common sense failed to find any thing wrong with her or her organisers.

Miss Africa international was a bright start that was sadly extinguished well before her time may she rest in peace Is Miss Dumber thinking about all the money she has ripped of from those poor girls and how many people she fooled this year?

some of the Contestants who took part in Miss Dumbers pageant wrote the following comments on http://www.voy.com/187863/
1st comment
First of all the pageant was NOT well done!!!! The music was not right for either the contestants or the dance group that was there. They looked like they were lost at one point and had to come up with something. The show was way too long. Having been to the show last year I was expecting to see a difference, maybe it was generous of me to have paid even more money this year for a worse show. When I was at the door, it was a fiasco to get in because people were complaining about tickets and VIP tickets. I saw Ms Ellen Dunbar at the door and she was quite rude, dismissive or evasive to those who were asking questions about tickets. I was really shocked considering the fact that WE are paying to see your show. She had no type of respect for her audience. Then Ms. Dunbar looked sooo trashy on the stage with that horrible dress while everyone else was looking spectacular in the traditional wear. This is an AFRICAN pageant!!! Why did she not think to wear something much more better for her audience? And then when it came time to present the awards, it looked like she was writing something on the paper, which I have never, ever, never seen before on a pageant. Did she change the names or something on the awards? It is just sad that anything that Africans do has a stigma of being not quite well done, highly unorganized or below standard. This was not the type of pageant to boast about. The good thing I can say was that the girls were very attractive and regal. I was very proud to see all of the different beauties of African heritage on that stage. Way to go to Miss Zambia for her winning the pageant. She is gorgeous. But I will definitely not be attending another Miss Africa International pageant ever again because of the shear rudeness and disrespect of Ms. Dunbar and the unorganization of the pageant

2nd Comment

I just wanted to congratulate all my fellow contestants and say that you all did a great job. I was really proud of everyone. Speaking as a contestant myself, I wouldn't say that the experience was fun. Like I said it was an experience that we will all remember and not necessarely in a good way. For future shows, Ellen please learn how to consider other people's feelings especially the contestants because without them, you wouldn't have a show. And one more thing, it wouldn't hurt you to pick up a book or two on how to organize beauty pageants. I think that may be your heart was in the right direction, but your actions spoke way louder than your words. You were supposed to be like a sister to us, but instead you played the role of a mean and money hungry step-mother. It was so funny how you were trying to be seo polite any time someone important was around you, but as soon as that person left, you were back to being your normal self. Please next time, make the experience fun for the contestants, and this time when you promise them something, please do it. Up to now, most of us still don't know what you did with the $ 500 that each contestant had to pay (our hair and nails were not done, and we ate fast food, and not to mention that we had to sleep at five people in one room), so I ask you again, what happened to the money? Please don't take this personnally because we didn't take it personnally when you were working us 5 to 6 hours a day while we were starving, and having us running around in the cold. Keep working on the pageant, but learn first from the mistakes in the past. I know that it wasn't an easy job, and if you think that it is too hard, stop because no one will blame you. Whatever you do, just do it right or don't do it at all.JackieAtlanta, GA USA

MISS AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® the fleecing of young Africans

Are these the Best Africa has to offer?
We think not. They look like over weight house girls!

Miss Ellen Dumber, Organisers of miss Africa international who sees her self as the Black Bob Geldof, fighting to save young Africans from what we do not know, with her Miss Africa International can be forgiven for taking the job too seriously, that is until you understand that this is just a big scam and money making exercise for her, now before you go saying Ah but making money is good, trust me we are all for making money but when you use the name of the great continent of Africa, romanticize it and down right insult peoples intelligence, you have to answer for you miss deeds, the fact the Miss Dumber will readily take money from as many girls as possible is neither here not there but at $75 a pop one has to ask why and what for? then there is the additional $500 registration fee again to be paid by the girls to be called Miss Africa International blah blah ,

To Add insult to injury after paying all this money while Miss World and its rivals put their girls up in 5 star hotels 2 to a room and provide lavish 4 course meals and culinary delights prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world

Miss Africa International and Ellen Dumber on the other hand feeds her girls on McDonalds and sleeps the girls 5 to a room with a rollaway…….. reminiscent of salve ships hundreds of years ago! a fitting example for a Liberian you would say?

Then the ticket prices, up to $100 for the finals, and so my final question we must ask our selves is what are the prizes for the girls considering all the money she collected,
To Add insult to injury after paying all this money while Miss World and its rivals put their girls up in 5 star hotels 2 to a room and provide lavish 4 course meals and culinary delights prepared by some of the finest chefs in the world

We did not see any top Fashion designers or sponsors lining up to join in this celebration, she seems to have simply collected a list of friends and business that she and her friends own, and simply placed their logos on her website for good measure and to vainly gain some respectability mean while the fleecing of innocent young African girls living in America goes on by Ellen Dunber and her Miss AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® PAGEANT

MISS AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® and Ellen Dumber eat huge doses of humble pie

If you look up Miss Africa International® pageant you could easily be mistaken for thinking that it was one of the Foremost pageants in the world, the truth is it does not even register on the radar screens in any major pageant circles, the finalist are not Acclaimed winners of any national pageants for the countries they claim to represent, most have never even been in a pageant before nor are the queens held in any high esteem as one would expect considering the pseudonym -MISS AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® and this is simply because it is a one woman money making scam.

Miss Africa International is no more than and upgraded [all be it in name] version of the mom and pop mini pageants, thousands of which litter the American heartland, where you pay for a title and call you self some queen.

Miss Dunbar has picked on this common pagent scam repackaged it and directed it at her own fellow Africans and decide to fleece young African girls living in America out of their hard earned money and here is how it works:

1. Get you self a name of a pageant that will attract some attention in the African community
2. Add the word International to it to give it some vain international status
3. Set up a slick website
4. Send out press releases after press releases glorifying the aims and objectives of the pageant and falsely attempt to show a humanitarian and charitable side and exploit all know opportunities to create a false sense of compassion i.e. Miss Africa to hold benefit concert for hurricane Katrina victims [what about the starving people in Dafour or Niger?]
5. Trick young unsuspecting girls into registering and charging them a $75 non-refundable “registration fee”
6. From the group of girls who are so desperate to enter, you pick one girl you like to represent whichever country you want
7. Charge them a further $500 “entry fee”
8. Rent a venue
9. Send out self-idolizing and chest thumping press releases
10. Fail to live up to the hype
11. Come back again the next year ad do it all over again

Well my guess her time is up and it is time to burry the MISS AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® pageant

MISS AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® & Ellen Dunbar………. Dumber and Dumber?

Having read and done some research on Miss Ellen Dumber …….opps Dunbar I can find only sad stories, egotistical self adoration and self praise for her self as her main motivation
If she cannot even get the judging right at MISS AFRICA INTERNATIONAL® pageant how can she claim to be able to make a difference in the lives of millions of Africans?

Bemused guests at Miss Africa International

One has to ask what her qualifications are to claim the role and mantle she has so proudly claimed as the one and only savoir of Africa, I do not feel personally she has done anything but pad her bank balance and degraded the name of Miss Africa like many before, her sadly she knows this but will give excuse after excuse and will blame other people around her.

As for me in the final analysis, the idea of Ellen Dumber running a Bath tub, let alone a beauty pageant with the name of Miss Africa International® is just dumb and dumber!


If you read Ellen Dunbar’s Miss Africa international® 2005 press release http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/10/inktomi300933.php you could be forgiven for thinking that it was more than just a mediocre pageant designed to massage one woman’s misplaced idea of self importance.

“The show will be broadcast to record braking telecast”, “The guest list reads like a who’s who of Washington”, “Miss Africa takes Washington by storm” etc, the chest thumping release boasts

Well I have looked in TV guide and satellite guide and I am yet to find one solitary TV station that aired this record braking telecast, I have not hear any of the supposed record breaking telecast viewers of the show on the invisible network complain that they have not seen the winner crowned so what is the real deal here?

The fact is that it was a lousy production and they could not even decide who the winner was, apparently the judges miss read their scores opps how could you miss read your scores and so for days if not weeks now there is no official Miss Africa international 2005,
Have you ever heard of such a farce at a beauty pagent? Not announcing the winner for days after the event But Almighty sugarcoated tongue Ellen Dumber a women of many words, cunning and conniving, deceptive and manipulative has pulled out the biggest excuse for her shortcoming blaming the judges, Hmmm

Miss Africa International® a Misplaced Identity?

The Organisers of Miss Africa International® 2005 Mokoli productions seem to have misplaced their identity and have instead focused on trying to deceive the public in to believing that they are better than they really are, they claim to represent the African continent yet many of their so called delegates have never been to the Africa they claim to be queens of!

Yes, one could be forgiven for thinking that Miss Africa intentional® organisation and Mokoli productions are bigger than Miss World or any of the other top international pageants, really Miss Ellen? Well you would only be forgiven if you live in Ellen Dumbar’s bubble as she is the only one who seems to think it is the best thing and bigger than the established contest and yet she can only muster 22 girls all have been picked by her! Simply put them on a stage and Bang! Crash!! Cymbal!!! in 2 ½ hours we are supposedly presented with Miss Africa International 2005, she drives down to the nearest Mercedes Benz show room and is the envy and toast of Washington social circles, but wait this is not want happened this year, as we speak miss Africa international 2005 has still not been crowned despite the contest being held on the 29th ,of October 2005

Friday, November 04, 2005